Governors Meetings


Our governing body consists of up to sixteen members, including the head teacher. Governors are representatives from the staff – both teaching and non-teaching, parents and the community.

The Governing Body meets each term.

 Name  Governing Body Title
 Mrs Emma Laidler  Chair Community Governor
 Mrs Helen Owen  Member Headteacher
 Ms Carole Jones  Member Community Governor
Dr Arshid Murad Member Parent Governor
Mrs Grace Mitchell Member Parent Governor
Mr James Gilroy Member Parent Governor
Mrs Louise Tarran Member Community Governor
Mrs Michelle Best Member Staff Governor
Mrs Clare Teasdale Member Staff Governor

Other Committees meet when required and are as follows:

Pupil Care and Discipline Staffing Issues (including – Redundancy/Capability/Dismissal Procedures  Complaints  

Pay and Performance Review

 Mrs Clare Teasdale  –  –  –  –
 Mrs Emma Laidler Member Dismissal Committee

Appeal Committe

 –  –
 Mrs Helen Owen Advisory  –  –  –
 Ms Carole Jones  –  –  –  –
 Mr James Gilroy Member Hearing Committee Member Member
 Dr Arshid Murad  –  –  –  –
 Mrs Grace Mitchell  –  –  –  –
 Mrs Michelle Best  –  –  –  –
 Mrs Louise Tarran  –  –  –  –


Name, Category & Appointing Body Term of Office Official Responsibility Attendance at

Governing Body

Nature of Interest Resignation Date
        Pecuniary (you or a close connection – see point 1) Governor in another school/education establishment Spouse, partner or relative working in school or with business interests (see point 2.)  



Mrs Helen Owen

Head teacher

01/09/2011 Head teacher 6/6 Nil Nil Nil  
Mrs Michelle Best

Co-opted/Staff Governor

Appointed by GB/Staff



N/A 4/6 Nil Nil Nil  
Mrs Grace Mitchell

Parent Governor, Appointed by Parents

22.06.2018 – 21/06/2022 N/A 3/6 Nil Governor of Linthorpe Community Primary Nil  
Ms Carole Jones

Co-opted/Community Governor

Appointed by GB/LGB

22.05.2018 – 21/05/2022 N/A 4/6 Nil Nil Nil  
Mrs Clare Teasdale

Staff Governor

Appointed by Staff

16/07/2019 – 15/07/2023 N/A N/A Nil Nil Nil  
Dr Arshid Murad

Parent Governor, Appointed by Parents

27/03/2019 – 26/03/2023 N/A 1 /2 Nil Nil Nil  
Mrs Emma Laidler

Community Governor, Appointed by  LGB

27/03/2019 – 26/03/2023 N/A 1 /2 Nil Nil Nil  
Mr James Gilroy

Parent Governor

Appointed by Parents

19/12/2019 – 18/12/2023 N/A N/A Nil Nil Nil  
Mrs Grace Mitchelle

Parent Governor

Appointed by Parents

22/06/2018 – 21/06/2022